These young men who lost their lives, do not cry for them, They are not really gone, you know; It's just a body which they left behind, They will only be gone forever when we no longer remember them... Free translation into English from a text by Bram Vermeulen (1946 - 2004) PURPOSE The purpose of the program, which you can download here, is to search for detailed information about Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands in the Second World War. The program connects to the Internet to get the data and you can search the database in a very easy way as there are many ‘search combinations’ possible... All retrieved data is listed in separate boxes or as listings on screen and a small photo of a crew member and/or aircraft may be shown (when available). DATA To collect all data I use various sources like books, individuals, Internet websites, databases, magazines, official documents, family members etc. (see also the 'acknowledgements' page). My work order is roughly as follows: I start with a few lists I have on my PC of crashes here in Holland. These lists however only give me minor information like aircraft and crash information. When I have picked an aircraft/crash, I start to search my own PC for information in numerous documents (and e-mails) that I have, and look into books (I have several) on the subject. If it is an USAAF aircraft I search into official documents (MACR's) of the American National Archives. Next is to conduct a general search on the Internet to find missing aircraft/crash details. For details on the crew members, I first look into the archives of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and National Archives etc., and visit several Genealogy databases to get the info I need. Finally I check my indirect and direct sources of information, including family members and other researchers worldwide, for missing information. When all the information is collected roughly, I first combine and check the data and put it into an ordinary text file. From this text file I add it into a MS Access database, convert it to a MySQL text file and import it into a MySQL database on the Internet. By then it is available via my program... As you can see, it's not just copy and paste data from a single source into my database; At times a single aircraft may take up to several hours to be added... DEVELOPMENT The software has been created with professional presentation software from Digital Workshop, and connects to an Internet database by accessing scripts on a web server to get the requested data. Please note that NOTHING (NO data, NO files, NO cookies etc.) is stored on your computer when you use the software... The software is just the connection between your PC and an Internet database where all data is stored... Also note that you are working with a program like any other program on your PC... It's NOT a web browser showing a web page! There is also no need to install the software, just download and unzip it in a directory on your hard disk, and run the AirWarWW2.exe file... © 2006-2017, Jan Nieuwenhuis, The Netherlands CONTACT MADE WITH XARA